Strategic Plans and Annual Reports

Strategic Plans

We are an organisation which very much believes both in planning our future direction and consulting with all our stakeholders. It is not possible to run an organisation effectively without knowing what our consumers want and need, and it is for this reason we have developed a culture of consulting extensively with our stakeholders which include service users and other members of the Deaf community, our funders, and our staff and Board members.

We have scheduled opportunities throughout the year for consulting with our stakeholders and these take place during: Annual General Meetings (AGM); Community Consultation events; Open Days; annual surveys; consultation with consumers of each of our specific services; and feedback from individuals at one on one sessions.


2015 - 2018 Strategic Plan

We have recently completed the consultation process to help us develop the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

Our vision of equity for deaf people, is something that we are working hard to achieve and it continues to be our focus. Our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan reflects our vision with five directions that will guide our work over the next three years.

Direction 1 – Improve and expand services for deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people

Direction 2 – Create opportunities in the workforce

Direction 3 – Build Community Capacity

Direction 4 – Build a client-centred Deaf Society

Direction 5 – Strengthen partnerships and support other agencies

2015 - 2018 Purpose

During the strategic planning process, we also defined our organisation’s purpose to demonstrate what drives our organisation.

Our purpose is ‘Deaf life: Your way, your language’.

It means we work with deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people. We work to break down barriers, create choice and support you to reach your goals.


Annual Reports

The Annual Report of the Deaf Society of NSW is produced in October of each year.

You can download a copy of the Annual Report using the links below, or contact our head office to have a copy posted to you.

Under this there will be the highlights of the latest Annual Report in Auslan, plus links to the English version, and to previous years’ reports.  



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