DSNSW Centenary Events

The DSNSW organised several events throughout the year to celebrate our 100th anniversary.

Saturday 19 October 2013 - International Deaf Festival

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Held on the 19th of October the International Deaf community came together at Palm Grove, Darling Harbour to celebrate its diversity and achievements at an outdoor festival.

Some of the activities we had at the festival were:

  • An International signing tent with free sign language classes in Auslan and sign languages from other countries around the world
  • Sofya Gollan (from PlaySchool) was a special guest and hosted free drama classes for children.
  • The Thomas Pattison School signing choir performed for the crowd
  • A Deaf Minute to Win It competition was held on the main stage and hosted by Deaf Sports Australia
  • Hannah Darling (from the Voice) performed
  • A drumming performance from the Robert Townson High School
  • A Guinness World Record competition on the fastest fingerspeller of the Auslan alphabet

To see photos taken at the International Deaf Festival click here.

We will be organising another Festival in October 2014.   To receive updates on this you can subscribe to our mailing list.


Saturday 19 October 2013 - International Deaf Film Festival

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On the evening of the 19th of October, after a successful International Deaf Festival, over 500 people attended the International Deaf Film Festival at the Wesley Centre, Sydney.

For the first time, Sydney hosted an International Short Film competition on the theme of "Equality for Deaf People", and the winner of the competition Pavel Rodinov.

To see photos taken at the International Deaf Festival click here.


Sunday 20 October 2013 (morning) - DSNSW’s 100th Annual General Meeting

The Deaf Society of NSW held our 100th Annual General Meeting on the morning of Sunday 20 October 2013 at Town Hall, Sydney.

See our new 2013 Annual Report.

Sunday 20 October 2013 - Centenary Afternoon Tea

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On 20 October 1913, the Deaf Society was established in an historic meeting called by Lord Mayor Sir Arthur Cocks, in the vestibule of the Sydney Town Hall.

100 years later, on Sunday 20 October 2013, the Sydney Town Hall was again the host for the Deaf Society, this time to celebrate the centenary with an Afternoon Tea. There were over 450 people in attendance at this event where the new Deaf Society history website was launched: Deaf in New South Wales: A Community History

To see photos taken at Centenary Afternoon Tea click here.