Baby Cry Alarm Borrowing Scheme

Deaf people and their families often have to pay a lot for special equipment such as baby cry alarms. These special alarms are warning devices that use a flashing light and bed shaker to let deaf parents know their child is crying.

We have a small stock of 8 branded Bellman Visit Flash Baby Cry Alarms which are available for loan to:

  • Deaf parents living permanently in NSW. They can borrow an alarm for up to 2 years. (NOTE: priority is given to Deaf parents of newborn babies)
  • Deaf grandparents or other deaf relatives for "baby sitting" or short term care of children - these people may borrow an alarm on a strictly short term basis of not more than 2 weeks.


Each alarm has a flashing light and bed shaker.

Lending alarms is one way which we aim to make a difference for deaf parents, particularly those who cannot access the Program Appliances for Disabled People (PADP) administered by NSW Health.

If you would like to know more about the scheme, please contact us.