Parent to Parent Support Program

  • Are you the parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child?
  • Do you feel confused, isolated and worried?
  • Would you like to talk to another parent who has been trained to mentor other parents and who has been through a similar experience?


A mentoring relationship is a supportive relationship between parents of deaf or hard of hearing children: a mentor whose deaf or hard of hearing child is a little older and has been through the same phase of life that the other parent’s child is currently going through.

Mentors offer the benefit of their experience, offering guidance, advice, support and feedback to other parents.

We have a training program for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children who wish to mentor parents of children younger than their own, and we also have trained parents from a range of different cultures and backgrounds

You can access information on our parent mentoring program in another language:

If you’d like to know more about the program or chat to someone about your options please contact us.

Did you know?

Over 90% of deaf or hard of hearing babies are born to hearing parents who have no previous experience of deafness and know no-one else with experience of raising deaf or hard of hearing children. The birth of a baby is a life-changing event and parents and siblings need time to adjust to their new family member.

Families of deaf or hard of hearing children often need to make decisions about technology, communication and education and many find that talking to another parent who has been through the same experience is a great help.

Hearing parents who have a deaf or hard of hearing baby can experience grief and a range of emotions which may impact on the parenting process. They can feel isolated as they have no one to compare things with and to share their experiences, and often have a lot of unanswered questions about their child’s prospects.

Most parents say that the information and support they shared with other parents raising deaf children is one of their most valuable experiences.

We can support you

Parent to Parent mentoring offers you the opportunity:

  • To receive support and guidance
  • To connect with other parents in similar situations and with whom you can share experiences
  • To exchange information and discuss issues as your child grows older
  • To receive an outlet for your worries
  • To receive comfort and a shoulder to cry on, and to receive  to help with your burden/problems
  • To learn some positive steps which will help you cope

We offer a Parent to Parent Mentoring Program in conjunction with Parents of Deaf Children (PoDC) where you can connect with another parent who will offer support in a supportive manner.

The Parent to Parent Mentoring Program will:

  • Match appropriate mentors with hearing parents of deaf children
  • Provide support through an appropriate medium: face to face; phone; SMS; email
  • Encourage mentors to provide support weekly for the first month and then regular contact over the next two months

What to do next?

  1. Contact us and speak with the Program Supervisor: Deaf Friendly Families
  2. The Program Supervisor will obtain a brief personal history from you
  3. We will then match you with an appropriate mentor
  4. The mentor will contact you and arrange a meeting if possible.
  5. You will always have the right to withdraw from the program or change mentors at any time if you wish.

Would you like to become a Mentor?

  • Are you the parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child?
  • Would you like to become a mentor to other parents just beginning their journey?

The responsibilities of the mentor are flexible but the expectation is that mentors provide 6-8 hours of support via phone or face to face, depending on each family’s needs.

We invite interested parents to contact us . See this flyer about the qualities of a mentor.