Book An Interpreter

We’re here to meet your communication needs. We have over 150 NAATI accredited interpreters with a range of skills including Auslan/ English, deaf relay and deafblind interpreting. We offer both on-site interpreting and video remote interpreting, please contact us to discuss the best option for your booking.

If you have any questions about booking an interpreter, please contact our Customer Service Officers at or 02 8833 3611.

Is this is your first time booking online with us? You can download the step by step booking instructions for personal bookings or organisation bookings.


Some tips for booking interpreting, or live captioning:

  • NOTICE - If you can, please place your booking request at least two weeks before the appointment. This gives us the best opportunity to book the most appropriate interpreter. If your booking is a short notice request, our Customer Service Officers will do their very best to source an interpreter, or captioner for you.
  • INFORMATION - Be specific about the date, time and location of the appointment. Include additional information for example, a room number, building name, if the client is a recent migrant to the country or is deafblind, will enable us to appropriately fill your booking request.
  • PREFERENCES – If you have a preferred interpreter, let us know. There is a section on the booking form where you can indicate your preferred interpreters. If you can’t remember the interpreters’ name, you can reference our interpreter directory.
  • PREPARATION – Providing material like a meeting agenda, minutes of previous meetings, PowerPoint slides, copies of speeches or scripts, or a list of abbreviations, terminology and jargon are essential preparation for interpreters, and captioners. Make sure to accompany your booking with preparation material this will ensure the interpreter, captioner can provide a high quality of service.  This can be emailed to us at the time of booking to
  • DEAF INTERPRETERS - A deaf interpreter may be needed in certain situations. They are deaf people with specialist language skills who work with deaf clients who:
    • Have minimal skills in Auslan, due to educational or linguistic disadvantage, or
    • Have minimal skills in Auslan, due to intellectual disability, or
    • Have minimal skills in Auslan, having recently migrated to Australia, or
    • Are deafblind

Deaf Interpreters will work in teams with Auslan interpreters in order to facilitate communication. 

  • GOLDEN RULE - Any interpreting booking that is one hour or more in duration may require two interpreters. As interpreting is a physically and mentally demanding activity, it is essential that strict safety practices are in place to ensure the quality of the service we provide and to ensure the safety of our interpreting staff.