Enrolment Conditions

For information on enrolling, please contact us.

By enrolling and paying for a Deaf Society course, you agree to follow the Policies and Procedures listed under the Conditions of Enrolment and the Student Code of Conduct.

If you have a disability or medical condition that we need to be aware of, please contact us. This information will be treated in strictest confidence and given to your trainer in case of an emergency.


Enrolment in a Deaf Society course does not guarantee that a student will successfully complete their course, or that the student with obtain a particular employment outcome where this is outside the control of the Deaf Society. RTO ID: 91243.

Provision of certificates and statements

A Statement of Attendance will be provided for all community courses. To ensure that you can receive this Statement, you must attend at least 80% of the course. Certificates, Transcripts and Statements of Attainment for accredited courses will be provided in accordance with specific qualification guidelines and competencies achieved by each student.

A $25 fee will be charged for requests to reprint Certificates, Transcripts or Statements.

Course costs

Course fees vary across the range of courses we offer and are included in the information pages for specific courses on this website.  Also course fees will be shown throughout the enrolment process.

Details on our cost-related Policies and Procedures are shown below:


Concession Fees are only granted at the time of enrolment. To receive a concession, you must provide either proof of having a current Health Care Card or a letter from Centrelink confirming that you are unemployed or receiving a FULL pension at the time of enrolling. Concessions are limited to one per term per individual.


Some of our courses are government-subsidised. Prices listed apply to Australian citizens and permanent residents only. If you are NOT a citizen or permanent resident of Australia please contact us.


All our courses either are GST-inclusive or are GST-free unless otherwise stated. If you would like your invoice to show GST as a separate cost or would like your Tax Invoice to show GST as a separate cost, contact us.


You will receive a Tax Invoice with your enrolment and you can use this as your receipt and confirmation of your place on the course. It is your responsibility to contact the office one working day to ensure your course is going ahead.

There is a charge of $11 for requests to reprint receipts.

There will be an administrative charge of $22 each time a payment is dishonoured i.e. a cheque is returned to us if there are insufficient funds in your bank account.


For refunds for Community Courses. Please choose your course carefully as we cannot accept responsibility for changes in your personal circumstances. However:

  • A FULL REFUND will be given if the course is cancelled.
  • A full refund, less a $20 administration fee, will be given if students give written notice of withdrawal at least seven days prior to the commencement of the course.

For refunds for accredited programs, please see the student handbook.

Privacy policy and code of conduct

We only collect information which is essential to our operations and always outline who we are, why we are communicating with you, and what we plan to do with your information.  We will always answer any questions you have about your personal information.  Also we only collect information by lawful and fair means.

How do we use your personal information?

The information that we collect from you is used to:

  • Provide you with the course or service that you have requested
  • Bill you for the course that you have utilised
  • Provide you with a receipt for the course you have paid for
  • Respond to your enquiries
  • Internal reporting and statistical data
  • DET NCVER reporting
  • Gain your feedback on the service that we have provided
  • Send you details of future Deaf Society courses/activities that may be of interest to you

Code of Conduct

We reserve the right to remove from class, students who do not abide by our Student Code of Conduct. We also reserve the right to refuse enrolment. The following Code of Conduct relates to consumers and students – deaf and hearing, of all our services. Consumers and students will:

  • Be honest (e.g. no plagiarism, no breach of copyright, no supplying of false information)
  • Respect others, including teachers, interpreters, staff, other consumers/students and visitors (this includes not intimidating or discriminating against anyone)
  • Keep our premises (rooms, offices, classrooms, venues for events, etc.) clean, safe, smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free
  • Commit to their studies/programs (e.g. keep appointments, use class time well, complete tasks, be organised)
  • Not disrupt programs, events or courses
  • Not represent the views of  Deaf Society to other people, organisations or the media without approval from the Chief Executive Officer
  • Not solicit for money on  Deaf Society premises or at  Deaf Society events without approval from the Chief Executive Officer
  • Follow the law
  • Follow  Deaf Society rules, policies and procedures
  • Follow all reasonable directions from  Deaf Society staff